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This practice is dedicated to creating and promoting
safe and non-judgemental, grief-sensitive and trauma-informed healing spaces
to improve individual, family, and community relationships.


This practice is dedicated to promoting dignity of all human beings

and celebrating the unique resilience of each healing journey.

Black Pearl Counseling respects clients' diverse cultural, religious, spiritual, and non-religious/secular beliefs and practices about healing and grief as these are often deeply personal and individual processes.

Black Pearl Counseling acknowledges and affirms that trauma and grief occur for all people of all walks of life, beliefs, cultures, and political affiliation. 

This practice provides authentic and genuine services to all regardless of beliefs or political views.


Pearls are frequently used as a symbol of resilience and transformation from adversity,

as pearls are formed from a process where the shellfish ends up creating a product of great value by engaging a defense mechanism (nacre) to fight off an irritant in the shell. 

They are also unique in that they are the only gemstone that is created inside a living being.

Black pearls in particular have additional association with healing properties in various cultures due to their rarity,

and sometimes carry mythology and symbolism associated with grief and sadness,

healing and resilience, protection from negative energy, love, wisdom, knowledge, and abundance. 

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